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SSCMA X SSMA Networking Event - October 1st 

An informative session with panelists Devin Vu, Tara Bose, and Araksan Soubaneh about opportunities in the professional field of Supply Chain Management. 

SISSA X SSCMA X IBM Info Session - November 1st 

314184568_1469257003541326_6445291815440211288_n (1).jpg
313282340_424760909806857_2537747825811770363_n (1).jpg

The SISSA X SSCMA X IBM information session event was a huge success. 
The stories of IBM employees working with the Canadian DND, Bombardier, Nokia, and several other companies caught the attention of everyone present. Alongside the stories of the fascinating experiences of the IBM Panelists, IBM's emphasis on teamwork, team coordination, and team support is exactly the kind of environment students would love to be in and are attracted to.

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